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Film Synopsis

This photo-film is about a case of murder against the protagonist female character killed by her ex-partner. The story is focusing in her inner journey before she dies and recalling memories of her early life and relationship. The main character is a woman living abroad far from her roots and culture which is also being remembered in her last moments. Fears and longing are mixed together in memories with dreams of real and fictional people and places that she would never see again.

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Title: Epitaph

Length: 13 min

Genre: Experimental

Country of Origin: Estonia

Completion Date: 2021

Director: Silvia Lorenzi

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About the Director

Silvia Lorenzi – Born in 1991 in Milan, Italy. In 2018, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual media from the Baltic Film and Media School. From 2018 until now, works as a casting director for an Estonian casting agency, collaborating on commercials, shorts, and feature Films. In 2020 she shoot “Epitaph”, an experimental short film, which had its international premiere at Busan short film festival in 2022 and has later participated in other festivals, such as 2ANNAS in Riga and FEST in Portugal.