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Twerk for Yemen

Film Synopsis

A committed documentary filmmaker follows in the footsteps of the Swedish cult classic I am Curious Yellow and asks people in Stockholm what to do about the war in Yemen. The reactions she encounters and the answers she receives are at the same time deeply distressing and incredibly entertaining.

Info box

Title: Twerk for Yemen

Length: 10 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Sweden

Completion Date: 2023

Director: Tanja Holm

Film Stills

About the Director

Tanja Holm was born in Kosovo 1981. She has a Master of Fine Arts from Stockholm University of the Arts, where she also studied documentary cinematography.
For five years she lived in Yemen and wrote the book Yemen is good!
She directs documentaries and animations, among other themes about the war in Yemen. Her work has been screened at festivals and galleries both in Sweden and abroad.