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Terrain vague

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Film Synopsis

Terrain Vague is a 16mm photo-roman, based on the images and accompanying log of a fictional female researcher who, over the summer of 2016, chronicles the development of a new private university-based innovation center from the shell of a former coatings laboratory in a poor and working class Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood.

Through her investigation into the innovation center’s raison d’etre–and thus the history and geography surrounding it–the researcher reflects on the endless cycles of “creative destruction” that undergird this development, and the entrepreneurial science fictions and urban nostrums that fuel such cycles.

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Title: Terrain vague

Length: 48 min

Genre: Experimental

Country of Origin: United States

Completion Date: 2020

Director: Edward Kihn

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About the Director

American filmmaker and artist Edward Kihn explores what links politics and society with technology. His work includes documentary and experimental films, photography and gallery installations. He also teaches film science at New York City University and has published a number of theoretical essays.