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Official Selection 2023

7th Berlin Revolution Film Festival

SATURDAY  21.10.

Encounters, far and close 17:00-19:00
Some kind of intimacy, UK, 6 min
Epitaph, Estonia, 13 min
Transference, USA, 11 min
Sun and shadow, Greece, 14 min
The journey, France, 24 min
Sunrise, Netherlands, 15 min
If… , Serbia/Germany, 13 min

No safety net 19:00-21:00
Twerk for Yemen, Sweden, 10 min
Dicks That I Like, Germany, 13 min
L’incanto/Enchantment, Italy, 20 min
Terrain Vague, USA, 48 min

At the threshold 21:00-23:00
Beyond the night, Colombia, 26 min
Where the merrows roam, Ireland, 60 min

SUNDAY  22.10.

Altitudes 17:00-19:00
The fantastic, Finland, 30 min
Slow revolution, USA, 52 min

Dusk 19:00-21:00
Reserve, Spain, 27 min
Half wet, USA, 18 min
Alpinestate, Italy, 30 min
The land that rises and descends, Finland, 20 min

Night and beyond 21:00-23:00
Lost images, Italy, 35 min
Elpis, Ireland, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Iran, Hungary, 71 min

Award Ceremony

Sunday 11pm directly after the last block of films