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Discussion panel: Property “The things you own end up owning you”

Sunday 24.4. 19:30

The housing and commercial space crisis is a land crisis! When it comes to land, it is about ownership, distribution and (in)accessibility. Kirsten Plöhn and Nina Manz talk to Kathrin Dröppelmann about land and property issues. What role does the issue of property, its problematic legacy, play in the construction of modern subjectivity? What are contemporary, Marxist and intersectional feminist challenges to the form of property. How can a revolutionary struggle on the property question be shaped?

Kathrin Dröppelmann

Kathrin Dröppelmann works as a visual artist at the intersection of design, research and mediation. Her research-based artistic practice revolves around the symbiotic relationships between people and places. Her work reflects her interest in the architecture of cities and the way places psychologically and physically affect human and non-human actors and actants. Kathrin Dröppelmann works multimedia with installations, photographs, video works, drawings, texts, walks and workshops. In her architectural spatial practice, she conceives and realizes collective, site-specific projects that engage with political and social structures through the creation of experimental spaces.

Nina Manz

As sociologist and urban designer, Nina Manz focuses on (urban) land, property issues and common ownership models. She is involved in the project “WERK – Haus Neuer Arbeit” which develops collective ownership structures at Kraftwerk Bille in Hamburg Hammerbrook. She works for the local initiative “HALLO: Verein für raumöffnende Kultur e.V.”, which functions as a co-productive intersection between art and urban development. As co-founder of “Urban Knowledge Collective”, she is interested in the international transfer of city-specific knowledge pools.

Kirsten Plöhn

Kirsten Plöhn (1989) lives and works as an artist and urban designer in Hamburg. She moves at the intersections of artistic research, discursive practice and urban design. Her interests lie in collective and community-oriented spatial and urban productions, long-term design processes and performative (spatial) practices.

She is part of the network HALLO: Verein zur Förderung raumöffnender Kultur e.V.. HALLO:s overarching thematic focus is community-oriented urban space and cultural production. Using artistic, performative, mediating, negotiating, formalizing and connecting methods and formats, HALLO: opens up private and public spaces and turns them into communal places.