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Dicks That I Like

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Film Synopsis

Visual artist Daniela Torres creates colorful ceramic dick sculptures inspired by the men who have been dicks to her. In this intimate artist portrait, Daniela shares her struggles, anger and catharsis as she creates a sculpture modelled after a series of unsolicited dick pics. She also shares her process with a diverse group of women who come together in one of her popular Berlin-based dick sculpting workshops. It’s a hands-on approach to healing that yields beautiful results.

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Title: Dicks That I Like

Length: 13 min

Genre: Documentary

Country of Origin: Germany

Completion Date: 2022

Director: Johanna Gustin

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About the Director

Johanna Gustin is a writer and director originally from New York, now living and working in Berlin. After graduating cum laude from Smith College, she received a Fulbright scholarship and moved to Hamburg, Germany where she completed an MA in Cultural Studies with her thesis “Here Come The Brides: Homosocial Female Relationships in Contemporary Wedding Film Comedies”. Although a relative newcomer to the film industry, Johanna has centered cinema in her life — both personally and professionally — from a young age, and her transition to making films was a long time coming. Her academic background makes her a thoughtful, bold and insightful observer of the structural and cultural norms and boundaries affecting our everyday lived experiences.